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Ammonium Nitrate

Thai Nitrate Company Limitedについて. Thai Nitrate Company Limited (TNC)は、タイ最大の硝酸製造メーカーであり、TPI Polene Public Company LimitedとノルウェーのDyno Industrier ASA、Ltdとの合弁会社として1994年に設立されました。 所在地:

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Prillex® Low-Density Ammonium Nitrate is the main material for manufacturing high-quality explosives and blasting agents, especially ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate/ Fuel Oil). It is manufactured by Enaex in the largest and most modern plant

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Ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 or H4N2O3 CID 22985 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, Granular ammonium nitrate can be produced in almost any desired size range and has greater crushing strength than prills. ..

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硝酸アンモニウム(しょうさんアンモニウム、英: ammonium nitrate)は、化学式 NH4NO3で表される物質。硝酸とアンモニアの塩であり、工業的にも硝酸とアンモニアを直接、反応させて製造する。 化成肥料の窒素源として主要な物質であると同時に、火薬・爆薬

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions' state-of-the-art technology for the production of ammonium nitrate melt as a feedstock for all types of AN plants, including urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution preparation, high and low-density prilling and

6484-52-2・硝酸アンモニウム・Ammonium Nitrate・013-03232・015

外観, 白色, 結晶~結晶性粉末. 溶解性, 水に易溶 (214g/100g水 25?, エタノールに可溶。 水に極めて溶けやすく、エタノールにやや溶けやすい。 ph情報, pH (50g/l, 25℃) : 4.5~6.0. 融点, 169.6℃. 比重, 1.725. 純度, 99.0+% (質量分率)(NH4NO3)

Why we use explosive fertilizer.

6 Jan 2005 When combined with fuel oil and a detonator, ammonium nitrate can become a powerful explosive—it's what However, it's reported that bomb-makers can easily circumvent this measure by crushing up the fertilizer in an


2015年3月29日 Nitrate of ammonia. 硝安; ナイトレイトオブアンモニア. AMMONIUM NITRATE BASED FERTILIZER. 硝酸アンモニウム系肥料(備考欄の規定により当該危険物に該当するものに限る。) AMMONIUM NITRATE BASED FERTILIZER.

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ammonium nitrate portable crusher