physical delivery process of gold ofex


How Gold Actually Gets Traded - Business Insider

25 Jul 2013 Having been involved in the physical gold markets for thirty years – both making and taking delivery on the exchange, as well as through off-exchange Although it's a lengthy process, the answer is actually quite simple. Gold

Delivery Details - MCX

Overview · Subscription Procedure · Categories of Data Feed · Medium of Delivery · Online Data Feed Request Form · Data Feed Products & Charges · Who can Subscribe to Data Feed · General T & C and Support Timing

What is the Precious Metals Delivery Process? - CME Group

Precious Metals Delivery. CME Group offers a range of precious metals futures contracts that result in physical delivery on maturity. The most significant of these are COMEX gold and silver futures and NYMEX platinum and palladium futures.

Taking Delivery of Commodities via the Futures Market - The Balance

While many commodities have different characteristics, the delivery process often includes premiums and discounts for varying of NYMEX platinum or COMEX gold could stand for delivery of the contract if they wish to own the physical metal.

Exchange of Futures for Physical (EFP) Explained - Part One by Tom

31 Jul 2009 While this is true, we shall see by the end of my rebuttal that it is also irrelevant to the physical gold market. . able to use such Futures contracts for her supply of Physical gold since it would be too late to take delivery on the October 2009

COMEX Gold Futures Can Be Settled With Eligible Inventory - Koos

25 Feb 2016 It's widely discussed COMEX gold futures contracts (GC) can only be physically delivered with gold recorded as registered The several varieties of ex-pit transactions serve slightly different purposes and may be subject to somewhat different r


for such gold producer to obtain and maintain Exchange approval for delivery against any of the Exchange's physically delivered gold futures contracts. The Exchange shall designate assayers for metals deliverable against the metals futures.

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physical delivery process of gold ofex